Direct advertising to the customer

In an increasingly crowded market, the company must segment and build one-to-one relationships with the customer. He must know it. Define an offer and present it in a dedicated context. The email box is one of the few spaces on the web that are still confidential and personal. This is why, unlike other tools, email marketing finds in the communication “face to face” the ideal terrain in which to be born, grow and bring results.

Direct email marketing
What turns an email into a direct email marketing campaign is what makes a door-to-door flyer a special invitation. A list of addresses selected. And a personalized communication. Two key elements that must work together in synergy, otherwise the campaign will be successful. Having the right addresses is not enough, because the modern consumer’s mailbox is a very crowded place. And to make progress one needs a clear definition of the target and a careful study of the message. That’s why in Marketing Immagine every direct email marketing operation is a small marketing plan. Starting from shared goals, to find the most effective way to reach them.

An audience ready to listen is a precious asset. Fidelizationg and increase it is a goal to pursue. And the newsletter – a direct link – can help. Incentivizing service registration, enhancing its presence and linking it to special promos, is only the first step in a strategic plan for using the newsletter. As a service, the newsletter must respond to specific needs of the public with a personalized offer. Only in this way can it become an added value. In Marketing Italia, the web marketing department has developed a dedicated software for the creation of newsletters and deals with defining and managing newsletter plans to achieve the client’s goals.